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Many people underestimate the importance of website maintenance. They just stop at building a website. Once it is done, they will not touch it again unless there is a change that has to be made. Your website is like a motorbike. If you don’t get it serviced regularly, then the performance of its machine will slowly decrease. If there is a problem with your motorbike, you must immediately fix it. Don’t wait until it gets worst so that you won’t spend a big amount of budget.

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Website Maintenace Guidelines

Are you struggling in maintaining your website?
Below are the 12 important aspects that you need to consider in your website maintenance project.

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Review and testing a website

Reviewing and testing all your site pages annually, aids you to find any broken links or features that need to be fixed. This will help your overall user experience including web page load speed, missing content, grammatical errors and inconsistent styles.

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Testing website forms

Testing email forms on your website at least several times a year to make sure that they are all working well. Call to actions and contact forms are very crucial. They must always work so that you will not miss any business opportunities.

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Reviewing KPIs

Evaluating KPIs, SEO, and analytics reports monthly in order to measure your website performance. This will aid you to trace the problems and find the best solutions to fix them and create a better opportunity online.

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Renewing a domain name

The domain name of your website is very important, if it expires you may lose it forever or be paying a high price to get it back. You must renew it in a timely manner annually.

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Security updates and bug fixes

Regularly updating software and installing necessary upgrades, bug fixes, security patches, and all other features can impact your websites performance and prevent bugs and hacks

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Monthly website backups

Backing your website up is a crucial element for site maintenance . Ding monthly website backups will ensure you don't lose any data or can retrieve and set back a website if it has encountered any major problems

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Test browser compatibility

As time goes on, your website layouts and designs might not be compatible with new web browsers. It is very crucial to check and test your website in various versions of browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Sitemap customization

Ensuring your sitemap is up to date, allows search engines to read the structure of your website. You need to check any deleted legacy, broken links and to ensure that all the newly added pages are updated in your sitemap. Site map maintenance is a crucial maintenance step for Seo.

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Review your contact information

Contact information including team member names, phone numbers, and addresses on your websites is very important, therefore it must be up to date. A change in staff tasks might mean emails to be routed to the different team members and require testing within the first hours of application.

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Updating plugins

It is absolutely important to regularly update your plugins to ensure website compatibility, functionality, and performance. Updating plugins will increase your website security system and protect it from any malicious parties and hacking attempts.

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Structured maintenance

Your website needs a regular checkup and maintenance. Industries are developing and improving day unto day, so your website must be boosted in order to keep up to date. These guides can aid you to run a well-oiled machine-like website.

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Update main website core

Updating your main website core and theme will make sure that your website is always up to date with the latest plugins and hosting settings, this helps in being able to use the latest web technology.