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Algo sea biz is a full digital development service. SEO is one of the forefront specialities from the Algo Sea Biz team. Increase your rank on global search engines internationally or local search.


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Algo Sea Biz specializes in 100% white hat SEO. Your branding is as important as the content used to increase your results, we provide a No-lock in pay month to month SEO agreement where results determine each month’s continuation, this is a Win-Win situation.

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White Hat SEO

White hat SEO refers to the planning and technique involved in healthy content tactics that will not get banned or have a negative effect on your SEO. Examples of white hat methods include the use of quality original written articles, backlinks, well written English or Bahasa, link building, relevant keyword usage and keyword analysis without spamming or using cheap tactics that hurt your ranks.

Onsite Website Optimization

Onsite website optimization includes editing suitable meta tags, testing and adding relevant keywords to increase traffic to your website, adding image tags, cleaning and customizing your sitemap and optimizing other parts of your website for overall health and performance to ensure that it is accessible to search engine robots such as Google to enable better results.

Website Speed Optimization

This type of SEO involves enhancing your website by optimizing scripts, CSS or HTML code for faster page loading times. Website optimization also reduces the number of images, scripts, or video components that are needed to load on your website creating an overall better user experience. Just like your user’s attention span, the Google crawler only spends a limited time on your site.

Bad Backlinks

Today we would estimate that the majority of SEO companies in the world are still using cheap fake links that carry no real value to Google, these links can trick the search engine that they are quality links, but shortly after ranks will start dropping as the links will eventually be detected as spam, this is known as black hat SEO and is damaging in the long run, it is also more expensive maintaining monthly ranks built on layers of spam

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